Social Times Launches!

I am happy to announce the launch of my new company, The Social Times. The Social Times is a way to connect the web industry both online and offline. The site will serve as a centralized location to discover news and interact with others in the web community, while furthering awareness of the products and companies that shape the social web. So why did I create another site and how is this different then the others?

With the launch of Open Social and the ever expanding role of Facebook I came to realize that our lives are increasingly shifting online. While we still have day to day interactions off the computer, much more of it is taking place online. There is a ways to go until communication systems are perfected and I want to be there to document it. While documenting it, The Social Times will be hosting events around the country to help those involved in the industry connect.

In order to stay connected before and after events, The Social Times will be launching a social network in the coming weeks. This is an extremely simple social network, not a social platform as Facebook has created and Myspace and the other players are racing to develop. Instead this will be an extremely simple utility to help increase communication with those shaping the future of the social web.

The first event will be The Social Times Launch Event. The event will be taking place on December 13th in downtown Washington, D.C. and is limited to 300 attendees. We have been graced with the following sponsors and demos:

The goal is to rapidly expand into other cities and provide a diverse set of events that help to build the web communities outside of Silicon Valley. We are currently looking for those that want to be Social Times ambassadors who host events and provide basic support to help get events off the ground in each city. If you are looking to host an event in your city, please email contact [at] socialtimes [dot] com. I hope to see you at a Social Times event very soon. If you are in D.C. then go register for The Social Times Launch event. In the meantime, keep up to date on what is taking place across the social web at The Social Times website.

For those wondering if AllFacebook will continue, don’t worry! This blog will continue to be updated on a daily basis with the occasional help of other authors. If you are looking to write, feel free to reach out to me!