Instant Christ, a Social Platform for Christians, Launches on Android

Instant Christ is a social platform for Christians and it's open to anyone who considers themselves a person of faith.

In an increasingly divisive world, it helps to have a place where everyone knows your name. Or at least understands your faith and spirituality. Instant Christ, an Android app launching Tuesday, is a new social media platform for people of faith, where like-minded Christians can meet and mingle.

Why A Niche Platform for Christians?

And why a niche platform for anyone, really? Are Facebook, Twitter, and the other general social media platforms at capacity in terms of what they can do for their users? Not even close, but the next step is “niche” platforms where users can more easily find like-minded people to hang out with. It’s why places like and are popular, users can more easily find what they are looking for. And aren’t we all happier when we don’t have to unfollow “friends?”

Faith-filled Friends

The app is open to Christians and others of faith who want to connect or pray together digitally in a safe, spiritual environment.

And Instant Christ may also appeal to those who are questioning their faith. Being able to connect with others, who are either spiritually confident or those who are in a spiritual crisis, users will be able to make more informed decisions about their faith. And it will include some neat features, including:

  • Pastors and ministers can upload videos of sermons to attract new members, for their churches. And they will be able to advertise for free, and to preach a monthly message of faith.
  • Users looking for a local church using InstantChrist’s church finder function.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.59.11 PM

The overarching inspiration of the platform is to encourage participants to interact with Christian integrity. What’s that look like? To sum up:

  1. Be Supportive, Not Judgmental — If you personally disagree with someone’s lifestyle choices, refrain from negatively commenting. Pray for those you feel are in need, offer a helping hand if appropriate and remember that everyone’s walk is different. God is the ultimate judge, not you.
  2. Don’t Use Social Media to Impress People, Use It to Impact People — When sharing an accomplishment, remember to give the glory to God and not to yourself.
  3. Strive for Connection — What if in addition to party invites we also send invitations to meet at a soup kitchen to volunteer or send group messages to request prayer? Social media can be a powerful tool for enhancing connections and doing good in numbers when used thoughtfully.
  4. Social Media Etiquette — Don’t be a bully in God’s name. If you lack tact, you drive people away instead of leading people to God. Share God’s word, but do so without being condemnatory or harsh.
  5. Use Restraint — Refrain from condemning views expressed and realize that the world is a very big place filled with varied points of view.

screen-7Other Faiths Welcome

Speaking of varied points of view, Instant Christ isn’t just for Christians. The app is open to anyone who considers themselves a person of faith. The founder and CEO of Instant Christ, Donald Cyprian, wants this to be a place to connect away from secular distractions:

We will not discriminate based on faith or religious beliefs.

Sound like you want to join or maybe get on there and mix it up? Maybe not.

Open for Religious Debate?

Looking for discussion or debate about your faith? Instant Christ could be a forum for that as users can expect secular participants, but if the debates or discussion get a bit too lively, the site will have moderators to make sure the environment stays safe and spiritual.

If a user breaks the rules, his or her account will be suspended. More than five suspensions will result in termination of the account.

The Future of the App 

What happens if the site experiences a massive influx of participants though? Will moderators be able to keep up? Cyprian expects they’ll be able to scale accordingly:

Groups will naturally form based on interest and subject matter and will be able to grow seamlessly with the platform we’ve created. We will make updates to the app every six months based on user feedback.

People of faith will soon have a place all their own in the digital world. Will you be joining?

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