Social networking for the dead and the bereaved

I apologized if the title of this post sounded a bit creepy. But, believe me, its the best way to caption the new social networking site, a site that keeps the memories alive, of dead people.

Founded by Jeff Taylor, founder of Monster Worldwide and, which is also a niche social network, is you one-stop shop for current local and national obituary news, lasting tributes celebrating the lives of loved ones, and an online community for providing support to the bereaved during times of loss and grieving. features:

  • Search obituaries – where you can search for first name, last name and date of death of departed people
  • Obituaries – of famous and not so famous people that runs on Tribute’s main site
  • Annual review – paying tribute to the most notable deaths the past year (now that’s interesting)
  • News – of obviously the most recent death events (famous people)
  • Obituary Alerts – now it gets even more creepier, with alerts that is sent to your email when people that matter to you pass away.

tributescom_screen.jpgPlus some tutorials on how to create effective and proper obituaries, tips for coping up with gried for the bereaved, among other death-related articles.

So, if you have previously encountered this most dreaded event in our lives, you may want to check out Who knows, you might find solace in the social networking site.