New Social Network Sobrr Deletes Content in 24 Hours

Like Snapchat, Sobrr encourages users to "live in the moment."


A new social network called Sobrr erases everything in 24 hours.

Users can “keep” connections with other users or choose to be “24-hour friends,” interacting with follows, comments and cheers. Photos are tagged geographically only once.

The network hopes to sway users who have become disillusioned with grandstanding on Facebook, where crafting posts to make a good impression appears to outweigh a more sincere portrait of users’ real-life circumstances.

Sobrr founder Bruce Yang believes Sobrr’s ephemeral experiences — similar to those offered by disappearing messaging apps like Snapchat — will counteract the need to manipulate the time-space continuum. On Sobrr, space is the only variable.

“Sobrr encourages users to go out and live in the moment,” Yang told VentureBeat. “The fact that everything will disappear soon keeps the user engaged with things in the present.”

The 26-year-old software engineer says networks that encourage users to create digital histories lead to false-positive image crafting and living in the past.

“They’re obligated to create a positive, presentable online image… forced to put up a face,” said Yang. Sobrr aims to restore spontaneity and real-life sincerity.

“The 24-hour friendship is such an intuitive concept that all the current social networks have overlooked,” Yang added. “In real life, people socialize with others but only make friends with who[m] they like.”

Similarly, with Sobrr, a night of partying and pictures may end only with those friends users wish to “keep.” Sobrr’s friending process might also minimize the guilt or discomfort associated with unfriending someone on Facebook.

The network launched on June 24 and is still in an experimental stage with users in San Fransisco.