Should Your Business Be on Tumblr? 5 Businesses That Said Yes

Tumblr is a platform that any business owner could easily use. The microblogging site effortlessly supports text, images and videos from your mobile phone, browser or desktop.

If you have a business, whether small or large, I am sure you are looking for an easy and effective blogging platform for your business.  Traditionally, WordPress has been the place to go, but some businesses are finding that Tumblr is a platform that has its advantages. The microblogging site effortlessly supports text, images and videos from your mobile phone, browser or desktop. Most importantly, a Tumblr blog takes minutes to set up.  It’s as easy as picking a name and a theme.  Take a look at how five businesses created excellent sites using Tumblr, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.

#1 Museum of Useful Things

This e-commerce site sells a wide range of odd, but useful things.  From a plastic flexible tubing to an all-weather field book to a spring-loaded twine dispenser, this is the place to look if you’ve exhausted your options for that specific, weird need. Their blog features a variety of colors and design that engages the user and keeps items interesting with rotating images.

Check out the site to see their interesting design, and notice how often they update: Tumblr makes it absolutely easy to add new content, and if one of your items gets ‘reblogged’, you may have a very profitable viral trend.

# 2 Doctors Without Borders

The nonprofit organization does a brilliant job of interspersing vivid photos with quotes that convey their humanitarian message. Using a two-column format is simple and direct, and the embedded video pulls your attention to the website. The message is very clear at first glance with links to longer field reports from trouble spots such as Somalia and Pakistan.

Each message links to a larger report or slide show, but the visitor can help with easy links to a petition to sign and another page with instruction on how you can to donate your profile for 24 hours to deliver three messages about starvation in different areas of the world.


This online hotel booking site fills their Tumblr site with travel related photos and content. The photos are radiant yet the content is simple and easy to read. creates a feeling of space so the visitor can relax and check out the lowest rates guaranteed.

The site holds a “Photo of the Day” that promotes a special “corner of the world every single day”. One photo of a man and a woman on bikes showed isolated movement of the bike’s handle bars and front tire and the woman’s skirt moving in the cool breeze.

#4 Adventures in Ice Cream

Milkmade Ice Cream concentrates on gourmet ice cream, which is delivered in the New York City area. The small business uses their Tumblr site, Adventures in Ice Cream, to reach out to their customer and new customers. The site publishes daily photos of fresh ingredients, ice cream dishes and specialty products.

The unfussiness of the product’s introduction is most appealing. High quality photos speak for the simple content. The endless scrolling of delicious looking photo after delicious looking photo would compel any visitor to pick up the phone and order a delivery of the freshest ice cream.

# 5 San Diego Zoo

Tumblr is ideal for any zoo because of the rich-quality photos. San Diego Zoo clearly takes advantage of the photos, videos and simple content to draw members into the site. It has cool features “Ask Me Anything” and “Submit a Photo” to interact with visitors.

Overall the site is simple with a white background and lime-green lettering for the zoo’s name and dark-grey lettering to keep the white toned down.

Deciding how to create a business site is simple to do on Tumblr. So many businesses around the world have taken advantage of the microblogging website, and you can too.