Set Up Your New YouTube Channel By March 7, Before YouTube Does It For You

On March 7 all YouTube channels will be automatically converted to the new design. Start setting yours up before then if you want full control over how your channel is set up when the change occurs.

Back in December YouTube launched a new homepage design followed by a full site redesign that’s being called the “New YouTube.”  The New YouTube features a brand new channel design and layout that requires a bit of setting up for content creators and YouTube is giving users a couple of months to get used to the new changes before migrating all channels to the new design.

Today they’ve announced that on March 7 all channels will be automatically converted to the new design, so you should start setting yours up before then if you want full control over how your channel looks when the change occurs.

If you haven’t migrated your channel to the new design just yet, you may have seen some other channels that feature the new design.  Unlike previous YouTube Channels, which all had the same basic layout more or less, the new design offers a selection of four layout templates and some may work better for your content than others, so it’s important to get set up before YouTube automatically migrates your content on March 7.

We’ve put together a guide to channel design and layout as it applies to the New YouTube to help make it simple to set up your new channel.  The YouTube Help Center also offers resources and information on the new channels design.

The YouTube Channels Team explains on the YouTube Creator blog, “If you haven’t already, you can opt in [to the new design] by clicking the blue ‘Try the new design’ button on top of your Channel page.  You may also switch back to the old Channels design repeatedly before March 7 by clicking the ‘Switch Back’ button in the appearance tab of the Edit Channel menu on your new Channel.”

Have you switched over to the new channels design yet?  What do you think of it?

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