Scheduling and Consistency: The Keys to Social Media Optimization

Many social media marketers think they're on the ball because they use hashtags and visual content, but they're missing two key elements.

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Between trying to run half a dozen accounts, and struggling to make sense of the plethora of data, managing social media accounts can be a difficult business. A new survey from Software Advice, an online evaluation company for social CRM systems, hopes to cut through the difficulty by presenting study data from a Software Advice and Adobe partnership.

The study billed as the first Social Media Content Optimization Survey received responses from 182 participants, all social media marketers. One key finding was that 84 percent of marketers post to at least three social networks, with 70 percent posting at least once a day. The survey also indicates that the respondents are savvy about social networks because they cited use of hashtags, appropriate usernames and visual content as vital to their strategies.

Liz Strauss, founder and CEO of SOBCon, helped The B2B Marketing Mentor with analysis. Strauss identified that a sizable number of marketers “are using social channels in a non-useful manner: posting randomly, without a goal and without a true understanding of what can be accomplished on any particular social channel.”

If social content is to help your business, it’s important to post frequently and consistently. Thirty percent of managers post less than once a day, or they don’t have a schedule at all, leaving them outpaced by more productive users. Fifty-one percent of marketers surveyed only planned their posts one day in advance, or even less, which could lead them to posting sporadic content.

Marketers seem to be on the ball when it comes to using hashtags, images and network-appropriate character length, but Strauss thinks that their priorities may be wrong.

“[Marketers’] prioritization of images and hashtags over targeting specific audiences is completely backwards, and may reflect a more troubling lack of understanding about basic social media strategy,” she says. “How do you know which images are going to resonate with your audience if you don’t know who your audience is?”

Fifty-five percent of marketers say that they still find it “somewhat difficult” to optimize social content, and 10 percent find it “extremely difficult.” Scheduling and consistency are major problems for marketers, and an amazing 43 percent of respondents don’t use any software or services to automate posting.

If social media marketers have any hope of getting the most out of their networks to help their businesses, they may want to pay closer attention to all those things that can make their job easier.

*image via Software Advice

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