SanDisk Launches Sansa Sessions


SanDisk has been a pretty serious player in the mobile music market for the past few years. While everyone else made flash-based MP3 players, SanDisk was one of the first to include a card slot—naturally so consumers would buy SanDisk flash cards to fill with music.

Now Engadget is reporting that SanDisk just dipped its toe into the digital content distribution waters with the launch of Sansa Sessions. “The US-based program relies upon microSD cards to distribute DRM-free tracks of unspecified quality from more than 50 “emerging artists” on more than 30 labels,” the report said. Artists currently include All Time Low, Ladytron, Magnet, Nada Surf, Of Montreal and The Coup. In addition, SanDisk will now include a 55 track microSD sampler card with every 8GB Sansa Fuze MP3 player.