Salahis’ Publicist Stares Down Congress While “Huslin N Stiletos”


In addition to the Tiger Woods car accident, or whatever it was, the other story that sizzled over the holiday weekend was the tale of how Michaele and Tareq Salahi somehow crashed a White House state dinner in hopes of securing a spot on Bravo’s upcoming “Real Housewives of D.C.”

A week later, the Virginia couple and their “huslin,” stiletto-clad, one-woman PR shop Mahogany Jones is doing a better job than the golfer’s handlers. Despite mauling the English language in her statement refuting checkbook publicity allegations (as pointed out hilariously by the Washington City Paper), Jones and the Salahis’ lawyers are staring down Representative Bennie G. Thompson, (D-MO) and the House Homeland Security Committee.

The couple say they have been more than cooperative in supplying documentation that proves their innocence, and refused to testify before the Committee today. A ton of similar stories about Jones’ statement ran in newspapers and wires, some mentioning her by name, some not.

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Meanwhile Jones too might be adjusting her image in light her position at the center of this media bonanza. Till recently, she was Tweeting as “huslinNstiletos,” an account now closed. We took her up on the offer in her final Tweet to get in touch with questions on the Salahis–no response as of the time of this post.

Photo of Jones via the MahoganyJones Entertainment Group, LLC MySpace page.