The Royal Wedding Wrap Up: Twitter Dominated 95% of Talk [Infographic]

While you might expect Facebook to be a bastion of royal wedding photo sharing, the vast majority of the online conversation actually happened on Twitter. And although some say she stole the show from her sister, Pippa Middleton wasn’t the most-tweeted royal in attendance. Check out this infographic for the royal wedding social media roundup.

The Atlantic produced this royal wedding social media infographic to give us a snapshot of where the gossip and hat-bashing took place online. And Twitter dominated the chatter.

Just under 95% of the online royal wedding conversation happened on Twitter. That number dwarfs the 3% which took place on Facebook and the 1.3% which took place on blogs.

If you were on Twitter on the morning of the wedding, these numbers might not surprise you. Over half of the trending topics on Friday were related to the wedding, and I’m sure your Twitter feed was over stuffed with Princess Beatrice hat jokes (Google “Princess Beatrice hat” if you don’t know what i’m talking about here).

In terms of which guests dominated the tweets during the wedding the Queen herself took up 35.1% of the conversation, dwarfing Prince Harry (20.5%), Pippa Middleton (14.7%) and the Beckhams (19.1% combined).

Check out the infographic below for more social media stats about the royal wedding: