Reporting Live, This is Hatey McHater

Advertising Age‘s “Media Guy” columnist Simon Dumenco has some interesting advice for journalists desperate to stay in (or get into) the business as the media economy continues its meldown: Follow the hate.

Citing a recent column by Missouri School of Journalism assistant professor Charles Davis in which he argues that “major news organizations need to cover hate the way they once did — as a stand-alone beat,” Dumenco laments that the J-school professor’s suggestion essentially was ignored and writes:

The truly poignant thing about Davis’ earnest proposal is that everything is a hate beat these days, because everybody is consumed with hating on everybody else. Creating hate beats would be the ultimate redundancy.

True enough, especially when there’s an entire news network exclusively devoted to hating.

Undaunted, Dumenco helpfully suggests that journalism students and practicing reporters might find opportunities by carving out their own hate specialties. After all, why buck a trend?