Report: Social Media Apps Are the First Used Each Day

A new report highlights the app categories consumers use most at the beginning and end of each day.

Opera Mediaworks, a mobile ad platform for brands, has released its Q2 2015 State of Mobile Advertising Report, detailing the kinds of apps users engage with each day, and measuring overall traffic and revenue across mobile platforms.

Opera Mediaworks found social media apps to be the most common “first app of the day” for users in the U.S, while entertainment apps are most commonly the last apps used each day. Breaking this down further, the data revealed most users have a variety of ‘first’ and ‘last’ apps each day in a typical month, with four major app categories fighting for these spots: news and information, entertainment, games and social media.

News and information apps were shown to have the most user loyalty, with ‘the most consistent first and last app of the day usage across the entire month.’ Interestingly, while sports isn’t one of the top four app categories, sports apps were the only apps found to have a larger morning audience than evening audience.

In terms of platform-specific mobile traffic and revenue, Android remained in the lead for revenue generation, accounting for 47.66 percent of revenue, compared to 47.16 percent for iOS. Android is also the leader in mobile traffic (as measured by impressions), accounting for 63.72 percent of mobile traffic across all platforms, leading iOS at 21.74 percent.

Opera Mediaworks Q2 2015

However, iOS leads monetization potential, defined as the ratio between impressions and revenue. The iPad specifically was shown to generate the highest revenue per impression of any device and platform combination.

When comparing mobile app and mobile Web traffic and revenue, apps receive the majority of traffic, at 56 percent, and the majority of revenue, at 71 percent. However, mobile Web traffic volume is increasing on an international level.

The report reads:

Since our first State of Mobile Advertising report, the majority of our traffic has been generated by the use of mobile apps. And, over time, mobile app traffic has consistently driven the majority of both ad traffic and overall revenue.

One important trend to note is that the mobile internet has spread worldwide, and our traffic has internationalized, thus increasing the volume of mobile Web interactions. Despite that, mobile apps are still responsible for the majority share of traffic and revenue generation.

The full State of Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2015 is available here.

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