Report: Digital Natives Do Everything From Mobile Devices

Millennial teens are a digital native generation with a voracious appetite for technology.

Millennial teens are a digital native generation who grew up with technology, and are voracious early adopters.

Their high use of mobile devices, games consoles, and social networks is impacting everything from marketing budgets to app growth.

A study from Refuel Agency, a marketing agency specializing in teen and niche marketing, examines current trends among millennial teens.

Technology and device usage take up a large part of a millennial teen’s day.

The mean time spent using technology in a given day is 17.3 out of 24 hours, with smartphones taking up 6.3 hours of that. TV and computer use accounted for 3.5 hours each.


The group is so attached to their smartphones they continue to use them even during school hours. 66 percent of survey participants admitted to texting during school hours, 55 percent were using social media, and 51 percent were playing mobile games.

Indeed, these digital natives are using their mobile devices for all sorts of things including shopping. 45 percent said they used their mobile devices to compare prices online while shopping, 44 percent read reviews online, and 33 percent use mobile devices to purchase products online. These trends will only continue, so retailers would be well advised to frequently review their strategies.


YouTube is most popular social network among millennial teens, with 64 percent of respondents saying they spent most time there. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat were the next most popular, respectively. Facebook messenger is the most popular instant messaging platform, followed by Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

The popularity of YouTube and general video content among millennials may have been the driving force behind the widespread adoption of video tools we’ve seen in recent months.

Perhaps one of the most important trends in the data is the willingness of teen millennials to spend money on electronic devices. 28 percent of those aged 16-19 ranked electronics as their first or second highest spend categories, compared to 18 percent of 20-24 year old millennials.

27 percent of teen millennials also plan to increase their spending on electronics during the next 12 months. This isn’t surprising when 37 percent of teen millennials have substantial influence over their parents when it comes to electronics.

To see what millennials teens want from their technology, to see how frequently they try apps, and to see which types of ads generate the most action among millennial teens, download the full report.

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