Reliance Games Unleashes Ultimate Robot Fighting on Mobile

Ultimate Robot FightingReliance Games has announced the release of Ultimate Robot Fighting on iOS and Android devices. The game isn’t Reliance’s first title focused on robotic combat, as the developer previously created Reel Steel and Real Steel World Robot Boxing, movie games based on the 2011 film Real Steel. In Ultimate Robot Fighting, players are taken to an age when robots are made to battle one another for sport, with three-vs-three “gladiatorial brawls” being the most popular form of combat.

In each battle of Ultimate Robot Fighting, players take a team of three robots into battle against their enemies. Players tap or swipe on the screen to trigger light and heavy attacks, respectively, while holding two fingers on the screen blocks oncoming attacks. As players fight, a special skill bar charges at the bottom of the screen. This bar is split into three sections, and players unlock access to three special attacks as those individual segments charge.

While players are free to trigger a special attack with only one filled bar, waiting until all three are filled results in a larger attack. Two of these special attacks focus on a player’s speed, as they’re asked to rapidly swipe or tap on the screen for a few seconds to charge the attack before it’s unleashed. Enemies can trigger their own special attacks, so players may need to rapidly swipe to defend themselves as well.Ultimate Robot FightingGamers can swap out their active robot at any time, either for variety, or to use a robot with more health in a challenging battle. Robots earn experience points after battles, and will level up to become stronger over time. Players can also manually “rank up” their robots by using duplicate robots as fusion material. Finally, users can spend coins to upgrade each robot’s individual attacks, with multiple attacks becoming available as the robots level up.

Players can purchase new robots for their team, with 45 robots available so far. These robots are available in packs (including mystery packs) for coins, or in a starter pack which costs real money.

“Ultimate Robot Fighting brings forth pulsating 3v3 robot tag-team action to entertain players with a wide array of superlative robots, sensational special moves and distinctive fighting styles,” said Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital, in a statement. “The game’s experience has been designed so players can choose characters which fit their identity and reveal who the ultimate champion is in the battle with the sentient AIs.”

Ultimate Robot Fighting is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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