Quickly build and bootstrap your own HTML5 app using Appgyver’s new Composer

appgyver composer

Appgyver’s latest tool for building apps is a must-see for bootstrappers. The drag-and-drop app builder, Composer, is currently free as a beta product, and it offers a unique solution for custom-built apps – perfect for small companies or new startups.

With Composer, users can generate code based on visual-logic and real data. The best part about the app editor is its live feed-back. Once you make changes to your app, you can use your phone to preview and input data in order to build your code using Composer’s simple logic editor.

Composer is not Appgyver’s first foray into app-making software. The company’s previous work includes Steroids and Prototyper. Prototyper is a design tool for showcasing semi-working app concepts while Steroids is a developer tool for building native apps using HTML5. Composer is in a similar vein as Steroids and Prototyper, but it’s more functional as a prototyping tool and less raw as a coding tool.

For now, users can test out Composer to create their own apps for free while the service is in Beta.

How long is the beta?

Composer will be an always evolving product to which we think we’ll always be adding.
However, we think Composer will leave beta between Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Will Composer eventually cost?

There will always be a free tier of Composer for you to build and distribute your apps.
We want to see as many people getting innovative with apps as we can. That means we’ll base our pricing tiers on the value each user extracts from the product.

Will my work be lost if I don’t continue with the Composer service?

If you decide to discontinue your Composer account, your apps will be available for you to download and work with as you please.


Appgyver’s new beta launch also comes with a selection of video tutorials. We suggest going to Appguyver’s Vimeo prior to starting a new project. The videos below are a sampling – you’ll see how to set up your data as well as how to use the Structure Tab inside Composer.