Qlipso Social-Content-Sharing Platform Fully Integrated with Veoh

Qlipso.jpgFirst, Qlipso announced its acquisition of most of the assets of Veoh in April. On Monday, the content-sharing company announced the next step: the integration of its multiuser content-sharing platform with the video portal, which, the company said, drew more than 12 million unique visitors in June.

The main component of the integration was Qlipso’s addition of its “Share Live with Friends” tab to the top-left corner of the Veoh video player, transporting users to a special video room where they can share media and interact socially, including with the use of 3-D animated avatars and via instant message, voice chat, and live Webcams.

Next up for the combination: other social services including content-themed viewing rooms, a virtual goods marketplace for avatars, and socially interactive content-viewing parties during holidays, concerts, sporting events, and other happenings.

Qlipso cited comScore figures stating that the average length of videos watched on Veoh topped 10 minutes each in June, more than double the four-minute industry average, adding that when factoring in usage of the Qlipso social-content-sharing environment, that figure soars to 20 minutes.

Qlipso CEO Jon Goldman said:

We’ve made tremendous progress by implementing Qlipso’s innovative social features onto the global Veoh portal within 100 days from the acquisition. With a strong team in locations around the world, we are working to overhaul the user experience to bring multiuser interaction to the world of mainstream content like videos and music.

The future of online video is a fun, socially interactive environment for people to share and enjoy all types of media, much in the way people interact and socialize with each other in real life — and we’re excited to be leading this evolution.