PRNewser Poll: Is KFC Doing Damage to its Brand?

Last week, there was tons of discussion about influence versus popularity. Our poll asked whether clickthroughs determine influence and the overwhelming majority of respondents took the middle of the road.

Seventy-five  percent said, “Sort of. Clickthroughs are just one factor in determining influence.” Slightly more than 15 percent gave a definitive “yes,” and about nine percent said “no.” I’d be curious to hear from those who thought clickthroughs play no role in influence. The comments are open.

This week, we learn that KFC is expanding its controversial campaign that puts the “Double Down” sandwich mark on the bottoms of college women.

As previously reported, KFC launched a campaign where female college students are paid $500 to hand out coupons for the bunless “Double Down” sandwich while wearing pants that have the name of the sandwich printed on their buns. Now we learn that KFC is expanding the program, adding three more schools to the campaign.

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women continues to rail against the program. But college students and administrators quoted in a USA Today article don’t seem too bothered by the campaign. The story also quotes a “brand guru” Steve Addis, who says, “Whether intended or not, KFC is becoming the Hooters  of fast food.”

This week’s poll question: Is KFC damaging its brand with the “Double Down” sandwich campaign?

Is KFC damaging its reputation with the “Double Down” sandwich campaign?survey software