#PRFail: You Know It’s Bad When the GOP Can’t Keep This Guy Happy

GOProud Jimmy LaSalviaMeet Jimmy LaSalvia. 

With his parted hair, used-car salesman smile and plush tweed jacket, the guy is a walking billboard for the Grand Old Party, no? Up until a few days ago, he was one of its most vociferous cheerleaders, too.

Oh, and he’s gay.

LaSalvia is founder of Republican activist/truncated fundraising group GOProud.org. You would think this guy resembles everything 2016 wishes it could be for Republicans, yes? Not so much.

According to Time, LaSalvia left the GOP for reasons this raging Independent finds baffling. Crisis communications lobbyists need to run to the nearest white courtesy phone.

On Monday, he announced on his blog that he could “no longer take his own party’s refusal to stand up to bigotry.”

GOP_elephant_deadWait, what? That’s right. LaSalvia is leaving the Republican Party and registered as an Independent because of differences in gay rights. And he should know since LaSalvia is gay … and Republican … or was … and still is. Whatever.

“I am every bit as conservative as I’ve always been, but I just can’t bring myself to carry the Republican label any longer,” he said to Time reporter Elizabeth Dias.

Is there any PR initiative in the Republican playbook to deal with the perception smack down this party is incurring? Phallic pics to bigoted comments, BridgeGate to GOP-not-so-Proud. What’s next for this beleaguered party?

Of course, it isn’t like the DNC is much better (except for the guy sitting at the Resolute Desk).

His condemnation of the GOP was even stronger when he explained his decision to TIME on Wednesday. The Republican brand, he says, is so tarnished that he no longer believes it is salvageable. “I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to pull the plug on the patient. It’s been brain-dead for a long, long time.”

Damning words, sure to be followed up with whatever FOX and Friends has to offer. Despite sentiment on the defection here, someone needs to do some serious triage on the GOP if it doesn’t want to become the Whigs, Federalists or even the Bull Mooses (Meese?).