President Obama Talked About World Issues, But We Were Distracted By His Suit

We're not totally against it.

President Obama took to the podium during a press conference yesterday to talk about world issues: ISIS and the tension in Ukraine. And while we’re all, of course, interested in these important topics, the country was also obsessed with the president’s tan suit. A lot of people were not impressed. To really illustrate how much people were talking about this suit situation, here are some numbers.

This is crazy talk. Everyone is clearly tuning out this last bit of serious news in preparation for the long weekend.


Even the Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, had to make a comment on it today during his daily briefing. “The president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit,” he said. Honestly, I’m not hating on it either. Even the president can take a fashion risk.

Just another reminder about how important clothing choices can be. You send someone out in the wrong outfit and everything else gets lost.