PR + SEO (Should) = Love 4 Ever

pr-plus-seoFollowing the advent of social media, it seems to me that PR needs to take a seat at the little kids’ table for a change. For years…decades, highfalutin major agency executives have discussed their collective affinity for “the good ol’ days” of doing things at the big people’s table.

Only one problem – the kids are having much more fun, getting many more results and not taking themselves too seriously.

Despite their fashionable missteps with skinny “those are so tight you can tell what religion they are” pants, geek-chic frames, extra-medium shirts and a groovy pair of Toms, this group of progressive professionals are onto something – the convergence of PR and SEO.

According to this article in The Guardian (UK), “PR, SEO and Content Marketing (are all) going in the same direction.”

The way in which all consumers can now be journalists, and any brand a publisher of news, has created both greater noise to cut through to reach an audience, but also a greater number of platforms and media in which to tell a client’s story. The challenge should be relished.

It is relished, but only by the kids. And that is why PR professionals behind the line of demarcation littered with gray hair and wool-suit lint need to step forward and show this is the path of today’s industry. Gone are the days of thought leadership via speaking opportunities and here are the days of thought leadership with a quantifiable social media identity and searchable thought bubbles.

Where is your industry? Where are your clients? The answer may be at which table they are seated.