PR, Perfected: Getting the CEO Ready for Primetime

I’ve been touting the benefits of mediabistro’s premium AvantGuild membership for years. For $55 bucks you learn from the journalist perspective exactly how articles get assigned and why, you get discounts on classes and on other things like Zipcar memberships and health insurance, and a free subscription to either Wired, New York, W, or The Atlantic.

You also get access to “PR, Perfected,” a series of articles on critical issues in the business. With HP’s deposed CEO Mark Hurd firmly in the news, and BP’s Tony Hayward spun out of the news, the latest PR lesson, “Coach C-Suite Execs for the Spotlight” is particularly timely.

Though the article mainly applies to presentations, the advice works for all appearances including those with difficult Q&A portions. The CEO needs be thoroughly prepped, supported with visuals, and not stiff.

Ideally, a half-day of closed-door media training is recommended. Why closed door? Because it’s hard to hear a consultant tell you that you look shifty. Why several hours? Because it takes time to admit your flaws and adjust. A camera with instant playback is a must here.

This article and many more PR, Perfecteds are available here.