PR Firm: Impact the World, Tell us Why You Buy Things

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Our interview requests to People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone, a fashion pr phenom now known for her appearances on The Hills, have so far not been answered.

Today though, we did receive a forwarded email from mediabistro managing editor Rebecca Fox from the agency, which stated:


For the past 12 years People’s Revolution and our clients have been redefining, shaking up and moving the fashion industry forward. We have been around the world countless times and have met some of the most influential and creative people. Many names you would know, but there are countless others who are the visionaries – the cool kids of the street, the poets on the corner, the artist on the sidewalk, the graffiti packs of the night. It is people like you who are the inspirations for the Diors of the world.

People’s Revolution and the Pao Principle have created a Portal where your thoughts, ideas and visions can be shared, expressed and ultimately manifest. It is time for you to make a more direct impact on the world.

Intrigued, we clicked through to the portal and found this question on the first page:

What did you last purchase:

Why did you purchase this item?
It reflected “me”
Everyone else has it, why shouldn’t I?
Someone told me to buy it
Saw it on someone I admired

Pardon the snark, but, OMG! I never knew I could make a more direct impact on the world by becoming part of a marketing experiment and telling a PR agency details about why I buy things. Surely, this is valuable information for People’s Revolution, and we can’t blame them for trying. However, we’re not sure if we have any worthwhile info to share: “Um, I bought a pair of jeans last week. The old ones had holes in them.”