Postagram Combines Old School Postcards With New School Smartphones

As you may know, I recently spent a week traveling around Lake Michigan, visiting family and friends. During my trip I took pictures and shared them instantly with family and friends on Facebook by using picplz. Of course, that only worked for my friends who are on Facebook, and while I could send pictures via email or picture messaging (MMS), I do have some family and friends who do not have smartphones or computers. If I had Postagram I could have had a postcard created using pictures that I took from my phone and sent to my friends.

To share pictures of my trip while traveling 20 years ago, I would have bought postcards and mailed them to my friends. Postagram customizes and automates the process of creating a postcard and mailing it. The Postagram app is available for the iPhone and Android phones for free in their respective markets.

To use the app you first need to sign up for the Postagram service, which requires providing your home address that will be used as the return address of the postcard. Creating a postcard is very easy, first you select a photo. You can take a new picture, select one from the gallery or photo album on your phone, and even select a picture you have stored on Facebook.

Once you have a picture you have the ability to select and crop the portion of the picture to use on the postcard. You can select a picture to use as an avatar for yourself and enter a 140 character personal message to go on the postcard. Next you enter the address of the person to whom you are sending the postcard, and you can select an address from the phone’s contacts.

The final steps include reviewing the card, entering your credit card information to buy the card, which costs $.99, and then buying the card. The cards that you buy are printed by Postagram and mailed to the recipient. You will receive a notification that Postagram received your order and that it will be mailed in the next 24 hours.

If you download the Postagram app and register for the app today, June 9, 2011, you will be able to send one photo postcard for free. Subsequent postcards will cost $.99 each. You will find Postagram in the Android Market and the iTunes App Store.