Politics Comes to Facebook

PoliticsFacebook quietly rolled out a new application earlier this week. The politics application gives users the ability to support their favorite politicians and view each politician’s profile. Additionally you can view which politicians your friends support. A bunch of other political applications have launched since the Facebook platform opened up but this is the first one to be developed by the Facebook team. Aside from the Newsvine Election ’08 application which has over 130,000 users, most of the applications have failed to gain popularity. The Facebook politics application on the other hand has had over 270,000 users add the application. One interesting aspect of this application is that Facebook did not automatically register users to the application. With previous features such as the “Notes” application, users were automatically added. It looks like this application has spread completely via viral means because I haven’t seen the application promoted elsewhere on Facebook. If you’ve seen other promotions, please let me know. I would assume that Facebook naturally has a leg up when releasing applications, just as Kevin Rose has an advantage when he diggs articles (Kevin Rose has 100% of his Diggs hit the front page). As of now the application is pretty basic but they will be rolling out additional features in the near future. Some of the features include “voter registration tools, political issue forums, and our Election Pulse showing how each race in ’08 is shaping up.” If you want to get political on Facebook and live in the U.S., go grab the U.S. politics appliciation.