Possible 2016 Presidential Candidate Spends $14,000 on Twitter Ads

Possible 2016 Presidential Candidate Spends $14,000 on Twitter Ads

Politicians have plastered their ads on every medium imaginable, from billboards to TVs – and, of course, 140-character tweets.

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has included Twitter as a big part of his political advertising.

The Republican politician, who is apparently considering a 2016 Presidential bid, has targeted numerous keywords on Twitter to display his message.

The Washington Post documented these ads, showing that Bolton’s promoted tweets – including attack ads on Obama’s foreign policy – pop up when users search for terms like “Benghazi,” “politics,” and “GOP.”

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These ubiquitous Twitter ads don’t come cheap. Of the approximately $50,000 that Bolton’s PAC and super PAC set aside for online advertising, $14,353 went to Twitter, according to Business Insider.

Of course, this is a relatively small account considering the millions that a typical campaign runs, but it’s a sign that Twitter is becoming more of a key player in the battle for votes. And as we draw closer to the presidential election itself, you can bet you’ll see even more, smartly targeted ads from candidates.

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