Plinky Helps You Create Meaningful Content

plinky-logoFor those who are already tired of the mindless and pointless updates that you get from your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites’ friends and contacts, you may want to suggest Plinky to them. Or if you are guilty of such “crime”, you may want to try out Plinky yourself. Plinky is an inspired-content suggestion tool with the aim of helping you tap into your creative juices to create inspired content.

Basically, Plinky provide questions or challenges which any member can reply to. Once you’ve replied to a prompt, you can then easily post your answer to your blog, social media services including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other major blogging services. You can even embed photos, videos and other media to spruce up your content before posting them to your blogs of social networking profile updates.

For its social networking aspect, Plinky let yous see your friends’, family’s and other Plinky members respond to the prompts posted on the Plinky site. You can favorite a reply to the prompt that you like while at the same time people can view your reply to the questions posted on the Plinky site.

It’s a pretty clever idea really, and it could prove to be of great help especailly for bloggers who are experiencing a writer’s block. Who knows, you might find a prompt that will prompt you to write meaningful post to your blogs.