Outrider Launches Mobile Search Ad Effort

GroupM search marketing agency Outrider has launched a mobile search practice to focus on the growing market, MediaPost reports. The point is to aid clients in developing mobile search campaigns that “complement their Web-based search marketing efforts.” Outrider’s clients include Xerox, Jaguar, and MetLife.

Back in May, Nielsen Online reported that there were 12 million active mobile search users, the report said.

“Mobile search will emerge as a critical component of many programs, as user behavior is evolving toward lean-forward activities on mobile,” said Michael Nevins, GroupM’s group director of mobile technologies for North America, in a statement. “This creates exciting opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers at the moment of impulse.”

Clearly Gooogle has shown that ad-supported search can generate a bit of revenue—the question is how to translate that to mobile, where the screens are so small that it’s difficult to fit a single ad on them, much less a row of ads running down the screen on the right.