Order Food From Your Cellphone

GoMoBo.jpgGoMobo, a mobile payment company, just announced the nationwide rollout of a service that allows customers to order from any participating restaurant via text message–and therefore skip the line, or even pick up their food or drink at a prescheduled time. (The original beta had launched in NYC.)

“Affiliates of such national brands as Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, Quiznos, Papa John’s, Popeye’s as well as other local restaurant chains have become GoMobo-enabled vendors, with many more to come.”

Here’s the general idea: Sign up for a GoMobo account. Create “GoCodes” for popular restaurants, along with the exact items you want – each one of these generates a number that saves to your account. Then, whenever you want to order that particular combination of items — say, a soy latte and a bagel — text a GoCode to 466626 (GoMobo). Then go pick up your order, telling the cashier the last four digits of your cellphone number.

GoMoBo National Rollout [GoMoBo]