Nothing Good on TV? Try

When you think of online video, the names Milton Berle, Bob Hope and Walter Cronkite aren’t exactly top-of-mind, but the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation hopes to change that with Monday’s introduction of, which will make its vast library of interviews with key figures in the history of television available online. allows users to browse by people, shows, professions and topics, and it flags highlights within videos.

ATAS Foundation executive director Terri Clark told The New York Times its archive contains 630 long-form interviews, including four-and-a-half hours with the recently deceased Cronkite. And Karen Herman, director of the archive, told the Times more than 100 hours of video were added in preparation for the launch.

Herman said the foundation hopes to add Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld to its interview list soon.

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