NOT-SO-BREAKING: BART’s Twitter Account Responds to Complaints Awesomely

Now this struggle is real! Thankfully for the rest of us.

Public transportation is full of its own foibles.

From criminal acts to kids getting into trouble at bus and train depots, running public relations for your local public transportation company  is more like running roughshod through the press with a slew of “No comment!”

Then you add social media, and you can imagine the PR rep’s phone would be blowing up with a stream of profanity-laden tweets and posts from unhappy consumers.

Good times, right?

Enter: the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system, which is killing it on Twitter with a remarkable display of honesty, transparency, and likeability. That, and a dash of “get off my lawn.”

Boing Boing shares the tale of BART’s twitter manager, Taylor Huckabee (who tweets in his personal capacity as @iwriterealgood) who turned #thisisourreality into a hashtag, and “continued to answer (and sometimes rebut) riders with open, truthful statements about the state of BART, a cash-starved piece of critical infrastructure in a city that’s bursting at its seams.”

Oh, it was splendid. Just enjoy and possibly thank the pantheon of PR — Bernays, Lee, Burson, Edelman, et al. — that San Francisco BART is someone else’s client.

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