Nokia Set to Launch Music Service

nokia_comeswithMusic.jpgRCR Wireless News has a report on how Nokia plans to differentiate its new Comes With Music service from subscription offerings that have failed to gain traction.

To recap, the Comes With Music service offers phones and one year of unlimited song downloads for a single—but still undisclosed—price, the report said. It’s expected to arrive in the U.K. starting next month as part of Nokia’s mobile media empire, called Ovi.

Nokia’s concept for online music is new—and could potentially catch on.

“[While] the business case continues to unfold for on-the-go video, music seems a natural fit for mobile. Consumers have swarmed to the concept since the first days of the transistor radio, and the Walkman and iPhone are proof that uses are happy to pay a premium to take their tunes with them. And Nokia isn’t the only one throwing the Comes With Music concept at the wall and hoping it sticks: Omnifone earlier this year unveiled MusicStation Max, a ‘pre-licensed mobile music’ service, and Sony Ericsson reportedly plans to launch a packaged phone-and-music service in Europe by year’s end.”