NFL No Longer Shuns Social Media [Infographic]

Football season is upon us. That means there will be a lot more sport tweeting as we enjoy our football, beer, chips and pizza.  Us fans will share our favorite plays and players during the breaks, and after each game, we will look forward to the tweets from our favorite players in return. Last year social media was shunned by the NFL. The league even told players to stay away from Facebook and Twitter. Today, that is no longer the case. The NFL has come to terms with using social media and embraces it as a necessity.

So much so that the football league signed a deal with Buddy Media to advise all 32 teams on the proper way to use social media to their benefit. As a result, NFL’s social presence on the Internet is expanding swiftly.

Below is an infographic from Mindflash and it delineates how the NFL is embracing social media. From the looks of it, Facebook appears to be making more touchdowns than Twitter. My favorite feature is “Social Training for Athletes in 5 Movements”, something that we all should follow — not just football players, coaches and managers.