Stipple Turns The Web Into Facebook By Letting You Tag Anybody In Any Photo On Any Site

Tagged photos is great for a groan at the embarrassing 2AM mischief and then a quick “un-tag”, but not much else – until Stipple came along, that is. This new photo-tagging service allows users to tag any photo across the web, not just on a social network, and to tag more than just the people in it. Photos tagged by Stipple are searchable, brandable, and potentially lucrative if photographers, companies and content producers grab onto the opportunity. We look at the features of Stipple and how they can be monetized below the jump.

So, what’s a Stipple? Since this is a photo-tagging service, it’s best to show you:

Any image can incorporate Stipples – small dots that don’t appear until a user mouses over the image. When the Stipples fade-in, users can hover over them to see more information about the image, added by the user who uploaded the image. People, places and things can all be tagged. The above picture, for instance, illustrates the small Stipple information box that appears when someone hovers over a Stipple (in this case, on the right side featuring a women’s belt).

Stipple was launched late August, and they have recently added a new feature called People Dots. This feature enables users to connect with their Facebook or Twitter account, and add dots to represent their friends. A Facebook post or Twitter update will then be published notifying those who have been tagged. In this way, publishers can engage their readers, followers, customers and friends with their photo content.

So how does Stipple monetize? Well, beyond being a way to search and organize photo content on the web, Stipple is also a commerce platform. Items that are tagged can be linked to a product information mouse-over, complete with “Buy,” “Want” and “Info” buttons for the user to click. Once clicked, they will be brought to a new page that has all of the information about that product, and offers the ability to purchase right from the Stipple page.

A portion of the sale as commission or CPC payments will be made to the publisher for every user who either purchases or clicks on that item. Stipple is plugged in to a network of retail and other businesses, and does the work of finding companies willing to pay commission and CPC for you.

As a website publisher, it might make sense to incorporate Stipple. It offers unobtrusive ways to monetize, and provides context and information for users. This across-web photo-tagging service is one to watch.