New Facebook Design Shift Appears Final

This evening Facebook stopped redirecting users to the URL and has begun redirecting all users to the default The result is that the old design appears to be no longer accessible. The change in URLs has resulted in some applications breaking over the past 24 hours but most of those issues appear to be resolved.

While there will most likely continue to be small issues due to the shift, we expect the entire shift to be finalized within the next 24 to 48 hours. While Facebook still has enabled the temporary URLs under the to function as usual, users are now redirected to the default Facebook URL upon login. We are not sure if Facebook will continue to use the prefix for URLs or if they will choose to use a standard 301 redirect and deprecate the prefix in the coming weeks.

While the revolts against the new profile design have amounted to millions, no single group has appeared to surpass the 3 million user mark. While substantial, it still represents less than 2 percent of users on the site. No matter what, Facebook will not let users revert to the old design. I guess this news means it’s time to officially welcome all users to the new Facebook!