Need Royalty-Free Music for Your Podcast or Website?

For the most part, Podsafe music, simply put, is not very good. However, rather than run the risk of nasty legal proceedings, it’s really the only alternative average Joe podcasters have. As a podcast producer myself, I know how time consuming it can be to track down some decent tunes.

Photo royalty Website iStockphoto, which last year added video to its available roster of content, will now include royalty-free music – starting in September.

Contributing artist, a.k.a. Microstock Audio Producers, will receive 20 – 40% of the revenue with songs starting as low as $1. Might sound like chump change, but in 2007 the company paid more than $20 million in royalties to its contributors.

iStockphoto has put out an open call for musicians. If you are interested, click here.

But be warned, the process is a bit cumbersome. Artists must submit three 5 – 30 second audio tracks for review and approval. Once accepted as artists, contributors may submit tracks that range from five seconds to four minutes in length. All tracks will be individually reviewed for quality and legality before being approved for sale.

According to the company:

“Our customers are looking for something that helps them effectively communicate ideas in new and exciting ways,” said Bruce Livingstone, founder and CEO of iStock. “By adding audio to the mix, we are now able to offer customers a complete palette of multimedia tools from which they can work.”

From death metal to jangly indie pop to spoken word, here’s a chance for unsigned artists to make some money from their work.