Naughty Gifts Team Parties Like Some Rockstars

Today is Friday and the developers of the Naughty Gifts application are preparing to throw a massive bash in New York City. I would have been there to cover it but I am in California at the Snap Summit. The party is exclusively for users of the Naughty Gifts application and is by invite only. Adam Gries and Natasha Chatilo are the developers that will be hosting the party.

It has been interesting to see how developers have decided to leverage their large user bases on the Facebook platform. I think the Naughty Gifts team have the right idea and I’m sure they’ll be massively successful with their parties. MySpace had previously used a similar model by throwing parties for users of the site. The major difference here is that within applications there are niche groups that can be targeted for attending parties. That’s in contrast to advertising to an entire social network.

If you are attending the party tonight be sure to send us the photos! Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and hopefully you too get to party like a rockstar wherever you are!