NASA Joins Google Plus, Now in Over 44,850 Circles

NASA has evolved as a federal agency that is exceedingly active on social media sites. Of late, the space agency took another innovative move and became the first federal agency to join Google Plus.

The agency had one of the first websites on the Internet and was one of the first accounts on Twitter in 2007 and started tweeting toward the end of 2008. NASA’s Twitter Meetups on some of the last shuttle launches have been extremely popular along with online distribution of satellite photos and news.

The space agency’s Google Plus page went live last week.

“This is an exciting step for NASA and we have already seen enormous interest from the Google+ community – we had over a thousand new followers in the first hour!” wrote Deborah Diaz on the NASA CIO Blog. “We look forward to exploring this new engagement platform and innovating how NASA shares information.”

The space agency’s page is an adventure for any stargazer. Its busy with items on Hubble images, sighting of comets and post-landing video interviews with Expedition 29 Commander Mike Fossum. There is even a 60 second video on how to get to Mars. The Google Plus page is in more than 44,850 circles. It appears the page is update throughout the day.

Google Plus is now open to agencies, corporations and non-governmental agencies. The company says the social network has nearly 40 million users.