MySpace TV Now Streams Video from Hulu and other Channels

MySpace just launched a new internal application called MySpace Primetime which would allow you to embed a video widget on your MySpace profile and homepages. That MySpace Primetime video widget is your ticket to watching contents coming from the ever growing Hulu as well as other MySpace video content partners including Sony and Warner Bros.

Embedding the MySpace Primetime application on your profile would allow you to search for and watch video content from Hulu, and when we say video content we mean premium content such as high-res episodes of show like Roommates and Special Delivery. It’s a free-to-download application for your Myspace profile folks, so what are you waiting for download it now, or read on some more.

For MySpace, this adds another revenue stream since the the application is ad-supported by multiple ad-solutions coming from MySpace advertising partners. So, you can just imagine how profitable this new application would be for MySpace if it becomes popular. And I have no doubt that it will become such a hit. Hulu is gaining better grounds in the video streaming market, especially because of the high-quality video content that it provides to users.

To add the MySpace Primetime Application to your MySpace Profile or homepag, follow this steps outlined by the MySpace Primetime application team:

  1. Step 1 – Visit
  2. Click the “Add this App” button in the top right hand corner
  3. Choose where you want the application to appear on your profile and how often you want it updated
  4. Click on Add

And basically that’s it. Enjoy premium video content right smack on your MySpace profile.

Via The Social