MySpace Ties Up with Disney's High School Musical 3

I know that some of you, our dear readers might frown upon reading the title of this post, but hey we got to accept the fact the Disney’s High School Musical series, no matter how unoriginal the storyline is, they are still raking in big time dough for Disney. High School Musical has created a cult following among the young generation, and we as parent get to live with that fact. Adding even more agony to us, is the fact that Disney and MySpace will soon be launching a High School Musical 3 contest. Yup, you read it right folks, a MySpace promotional contest for the HSM3. Don’t we just love it?

But honestly, from the point of view of a social networking fanatic like me, I couldn’t help but admire the ingenuity of the said contest. But before we get on with the details of the contest, here are some facts to possibly justify how this contest was conceptualized.

Disney is banking on the 76 million unique users of MySpace (according to comScore’s July report), to build awareness on the third installation in the High School Musical series. Interestingly, according to comScore again, 40% of U.S. mothers are also members of MySpace. So, it’s a whole family affair really over at MySpace. This promted Disney to launch the said contest at MySpace.

Now going back to the interesting contest. Fortunately its not your usual dancing contests inspired by the dance steps of the teens in HS Musical. Instead contestants will be asked to complete online tasks such as uploading photos, filming and uploading videos as well as decorating their MySpace profiles. We’ve covered various ways by which you could enhance your MySpace profiles with a gazillion of themes available for MySpace. So imagine how aesthetically these MySpace profiles would be if contestants would use some of these online MySpace themes.

Now, who wins the contest? The best MySpace profile that exhibits the “High School” spirits gets to bring home the prize pot. And what exactly is the prize pot? a free trip for the entire class to a Disney theme park and a pep rally featuring U.K. pop star Natasha Bedingfield. If that sounds exciting to you, better head on to MySpace and join the High School Musical 3 – MySpace online contest now.

And in case you’re wondering when the HS Musical 3 is showing, that will be on Oct. 24.