MySpace Music Nears Launch, Still CEO-Less


MySpace employees are busy putting the finishing touches on the social network’s upcoming music service, but there’s still no CEO in place, according to CNET News.

“A six-month search for a CEO has been unsuccessful and now, the service is expected to debut without a chief in place, say three music industry sources. MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe is in charge on an interim basis.”

The report said that users likely won’t care if the service is good and offers plenty of free, DRM-less MP3 files as originally announced back in February. But if it doesn’t get any traction, critics will be quick to point at the service’s lack of leadership. “MySpace has to get this music service right,” the article said. “While Facebook has already elbowed past it as the world’s largest social-networking site, one area where MySpace continues to dominate is music. The site has become the online equivalent of Soul Train or American Bandstand, a digital stage where musicians flock to showcase their talents.”