MySpace Mobile for Your iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

We’ve already featured Facebook’s native application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and we could only say that the Facebook application is definitely a must-download free application. Of course, being Facebook’s number one rival, MySpace will not just sit on its laurels and let Facebook dominate the iPhone world. So, it also launched its own native Mobile MySpace application.

MySpace Mobile pretty much bring the whole MySpace experience from the web into the iPhone/iPod Touch environment. If you’re a big MySpace fan and users and you just bought a new iPhone or you have updated your iPod Touch’s firmware into version 2.0, you’ll definitely love MySpace Mobile.

MySpace Mobile lets you do pretty much the same things that you can do with the Facebook iPhone apps but in a faster way than when you are logged into web-based MySpace. It lets you send and receive messages through your MySpace profile, browse your friend networks and see their current status, upload and share photos from your iPhone, post comments on friends’ profiles and photos, stay up-to date with bulletins and search to find new friends.

Best part of course is that the MySpace Mobile is free and all you have to do is logged into iTunes Apps Store, search for MySpace Mobile in the Social networking category and then click on the download button at the MySpace menu. Then you’re on your way to a wonderful MySpace mobile experience. Enjoy!