VP of Ad Sales Kyoo Kim Declares Page Views Dead vice president of ad sales Kyoo Kim spoke about putting the fork in page views during a session at PubMatic’s Ad Revenue 2010 conference at The Times Center in New York Thursday, paidContent reported.

Kim said that when underwent its redesign in June, one of the main concepts was that “page views were dead” as a metric for advertisers, as they don’t take into account the various content elements, such as stories, abstracts, photos, videos, and social-network sharing, according to paidContent, so made the decision to focus on single pages only.

He added, as reported by paidContent:

The idea we had was, “What if we only serve an ad if it appears in the users’ browser window?” But when I thought about that, my initial worry was, “Crap, what’s that going to do to our inventory?”

We saw a real jump in its unsold inventory submitted via RTB (real-time bidding) platforms. On individual ads, we’ve seen CPMs (cost per thousand views) jump anywhere from 30 percent to 300 percent.

One of the things that online ad salespeople used to say was that we could tell you something that TV and print couldn’t — whether a consumer has seen your ad. It’s time we lived up to that promise.