More on Blogger “Reprints”

bwii.jpgWe’ve received a few emails from readers about our recent post on asking bloggers for “reprints,” aka using their logo, articles featuring your client or other content in your marketing materials.

This stemmed from a recent situation where TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington called out a Qorvis Communications staffer saying, “yeah, we’re a blog, we don’t do prints, let alone re-prints.”

Steve Lubetkin, Managing Partner of Lubetkin Communications wrote us and said:

It’s almost scandalous that PR people put up with this crap from people like Arrington. He needs to grow up. The intern did exactly what she should have done, ethically and professionally. So she didn’t use exactly the right words, or appeared as if she didn’t know what a blog was. So what? What happened to being helpful and helping newbies learn about something. It’s more fun to humiliate them? I don’t buy it.

He also blogged about it here.

Over at, Marc Hausman has the email back and forth between a Senior Director at Qorvis and Arrington. Lets just say the conversation was less than cordial. Whether or not you like Arrington’s style, he will now forever remember Qorvis Communications for all the wrong reasons.

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