Mojang Launches Minecraft Realms Android Alpha

Minecraft Realms allow gamers to create and play with other Minecraft players in persistent, private servers.

Mojang announced the launch of Minecraft Realms Android Alpha, allowing Android players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition to test Realms before their official launch. While Realms will be available as a subscription service at launch, this alpha is free for interested players to try.

The Minecraft Realms service allows gamers to create persistent, private multiplayer servers and send direct invitations to other Minecraft players to join their world. In this way, Realm creators can play with others while reducing the risk of a negative experience, since they’ll be in control over who can join.

At the official launch, each Realm will offer an infinite world size, and will support up to 10 active players at once. Since Realms are always online, Realm members will have access to their available Realms even if a Realm’s creator is offline. Realms will support cross-platform multiplayer between all Minecraft: Pocket Edition platforms and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta.

Gamers can sign up to participate in the Minecraft Realms Android Alpha here. Users must already own Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android and have an Xbox Live login to qualify. The final release date and subscription options for Minecraft Realms will be revealed at a later date.

Readers: Are you excited to try Minecraft Realms?

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