Mobile Game Roundup: Spirit Lords, Space Hangman and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this month.

Spirit Lords

We’re almost halfway through April, and a slew of mobile games have already been released this month. Here’s a look at some you might have missed.

Spirit Lords (Free on iOS, Android) – From Kabam and the Kabam RPG studio in San Francisco, Spirit Lords is a multiplayer RPG taking players to a world “where the spirits of the dead are the key to the survival of the human race.” Players choose to become a barbarian or sorcerer, and will unlock over 200 combat abilities by collecting and upgrading Spirit powers. Gamers can also customize their hero with thousands of pieces of gear. While playing, users tap on the ground to move, and use a variety of tap and drag controls to defeat enemies. Multiplayer features allow players to join a guild with others and complete cooperative dungeons.

Sky Wings (Free on iOS, Android) – From Woweez, this endless flyer sees players guiding a plane from left to right as long as possible, swiping up and down to move the plane through three lanes while avoiding other planes, storm clouds, rocks, trees and other obstacles. Gamers collect coins and power-ups as they fly, like magnets which attract all nearby coins, and a red coin which doubles the value of other coins for a limited time. As players collect coins, they can be spent on upgrades for these powers.

Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy (Free demo on iOS, $4.99/$6.99 full unlock on iPhone/iPad) – From G5 Entertainment and Orchid Games, this hidden object adventure game sees players helping a young archaeologist save the world while unraveling an ancient prophecy surrounding a demon and a comet hiding in the shadow of the moon. The game features 50 levels, 22 mini-games and 19 achievements to unlock in all.

Choo Parr (Free on iOS, Android) – A survival game from Choo Parr Productions, Choo Parr challenges players to tilt their device and tap on the screen to control a dragon’s flight in the air. Gamers are challenged to collect as many random falling objects as possible, without collecting bombs, in order to earn points. The game becomes more challenging the longer players survive.

League of Angels: Fire Raiders (Free on iOS, Android) – From GTArcade, this MMORPG sees players collecting a group of heroes, taking them into battles against a variety of enemies. Heroes attack automatically, and each offers a special skill, which can be manually activated by the player during battle. Gamers collect gear from fallen enemies, and can use this to level up their heroes, increasing their stats. In addition to single-player levels, the game offers live chat with other players, as well as arena, trial and guild features. These unlock over time, as players reach the required experience point levels.

Dungeon Highway Adventures (Free on iOS, Android) – From Substantial, Dungeon Highway Adventures is the sequel to the original mobile game, Dungeon Highway, and challenges players to run to the end of each stage by titling their device to move their character left and right on a path. Gamers must avoid obstacles including trees and rocks, and can tap on the screen to shoot at enemies in the path. Players collect coins while running, and can use these to purchase new weapons in the store.

Football Manager Classic 2015 ($19.99 on iPad, Android tablets) – A soccer management title from SEGA of America, SEGA Europe and Sports Interactive, Football Manager Classic 2015 allows players to take control of any real world club and lead them to victory. Users have control of tactics, substitutions and more during matches, and outside of games, can recruit new players for their team from a database of more than 150,000 players around the world. Gamers also have control over their team’s training activities, or they can delegate tasks to their assistant manager for less micromanagement. Players can also skip directly to the end of matches for even faster play.

Space Hangman: Aliens Go Crazy (Free on iOS, Android) – A multiplayer word game from Lele Studio, Entamin Studio and BulkyPix, Space Hangman: Aliens Go Crazy is based on the classic Hangman word game, as players fill in the blanks of hidden words by guessing one letter at a time. The game features asynchronous multiplayer games between two players, as well as real-time multiplayer matches for up to four gamers. In these real-time social matches, users bet some of their in-game currency and work to be the first to solve the key word without running out of lives.

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