Mobile Game Roundup: Satellina Zero, Logic Traces and More

Here's a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are plenty of new games available for you to try, including Fortress Legends from Bandai Namco Entertainment America. The fortress-building game allows users to team up with other players in real-time to attack other players’ fortresses.

Next, Industrial Toys released Midnight Star: Renegade. The shooter allows users to complete single-player campaign levels, as well as compete in daily and weekly events.

In addition, Devolver Digital released Reigns this week. Developed by Nerial, the game allows users to become monarchs and make decisions with the goal of maintaining balance between four different factions.

Elsewhere, Kobojo released Primal Legends, a match-three puzzle battle game that allows users to create teams of heroes and compete in single-player and multiplayer battles.

Finally, Pixel Hero Games launched Eisenhorn: Xenos. Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the game sees players become Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor who must protect the Imperium from threats.

If you’re looking for a different game to play, here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games released this week.

Satellina Zero (Free on iOS) – This arcade game from Moon Kid asks players to catch symbols as they fall from the top of the screen. Players can drag their fingers across the bottom of the screen to move their cursors, and they can tap to switch the color of the falling shapes. Shapes must be the proper color in order to be collected. Games end when players fail to catch a shape, or when they catch a shape of the wrong color. The game includes nine levels to unlock, and users can also unlock new color palettes over time. Satellina Zero will launch on Android on August 17.

Summoners Fantasy (Free on iOS) – In this card battle game from Icesimba and Darknights, users take turns playing cards to the game board, with each card having a number on each of its four sides. As users place cards next to other cards, the numbers on the touching sides are compared, and the card with the higher number takes control of the other card if it belonged to the enemy. Users may be able to take control of more than one card on a single turn by forming combos. Users can collect new cards for their decks over time.

Warpy Leap (Free on iOS) – This level-based runner from MiniGamr challenges players to collect the three stars in each stage to use them as fuel for their time machines. In each stage, the player’s character runs across the screen automatically, and players must tap to help them jump over obstacles and gaps in the path. When players make mistakes, they have the option to spend star shards, the game’s currency, to rewind to one or two seconds before they failed, instead of starting over from the beginning of the level. Users can also spend star shards on power-ups, which may help them complete stages. When players collect all three stars in a stage, they’ll receive a new playable character.

Worm Drop (Free on iOS) – From Space Puppy Games, Worm Drop asks players to feed 30 baby birds in each level by tapping to cause the mama bird to drop worms into their mouths. The mama bird flies across the screen automatically, and players will need to tap a short time before they reach each baby bird so the worm will fall in the proper trajectory to reach it. Games end when players fail to feed a baby bird. Users can start over from the beginning of the stage if they make a mistake.

Unusual Space Runner (Free on Android) – This runner from Silverfang allows players to “use gravitational waves” to help their characters bounce across the screen and avoid obstacles. Users can also slow their characters down to avoid obstacles in the path. The game includes additional playable characters to unlock.

Puppet Bird (Free on iOS) – This endless survival game from Pine Entertainment challenges players to help a bird puppet avoid obstacles as it automatically moves across the screen. Players can move the bird puppet up and down by turning a wheel at the bottom of the screen clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Players can collect coins as they play, which can be spent on new playable characters.

Slice In (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless survival game from Bica Studios challenges players to tap at the right times to fit slices into openings in rotating circles at the top of the screen. Games become more difficult as players progress. Players can have up to five lives at once, and they’ll lose a life each time they fail to fit a slice into an opening. Games end when players run out of lives. Once players run out of lives, they can wait for their lives to recharge automatically over time, or they can play games without the extra lives, which will end the first time they make a mistake. Users can also watch video ads to earn free lives.

Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small ($4.99 on iOS, Android, Windows Store) – This digital board game from Digidiced allows two players to compete to have the best ranch by the end of eight rounds. During each game, users can build pastures for their animals, buy additional plots of land for their ranches and more. Players can also breed their animals once they own two animals of the same species. Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small supports cross-platform multiplayer games, and it also allows users to play single-player games against the AI. Once players purchase the base game, they’ll have the option to also purchase the More Buildings Big & Small expansion for $2.99. This expansion includes 27 new buildings, as well as a fifth stall tile and a farm expansion.

Gravity (Free on iOS) – This endless survival game from ZPlay and Yabado Games challenges players to help their orbs stay on the screen and avoid obstacles by tapping to switch the direction of gravity. The orb will move across the screen automatically, so players must tap at the right times to prevent it from falling off of the screen or hitting an obstacle. Users can collect currency as they play, which can be spent on new playable orbs.

Raid Master: Epic Relic Chaser (Free on Android) – This turn-based RPG from Bluehole allows players to create teams of heroes and take them into story battles, secret dungeons and an infinite wave mode. The game includes more than 50 heroes to collect, such as archers, wizards and healers. Users can take up to six heroes into each mission. Players can collect and craft new gear for their heroes over time.

Eraser (Free on iOS, Android) – This level-based platformer from Hiker Games ask players to help their character complete levels by swiping to erase whole objects, or parts of objects, in the environment. The character runs automatically, and users need to create a path for him to reach the exit by erasing objects to create ramps, bridges and more. The character is being chased by a red marker, so users need to help him complete each stage before he gets caught. Users can also collect three stars in each level by helping the character run into them. Eraser includes more than 70 levels to complete.

Cops & Robbers 2

Cops & Robbers 2 (Free on iOS) – This multiplayer game from BoomBit allows players to compete in real-time head-to-head multiplayer matches, with one player being the cop, and the other player being the robber (the roles are randomly assigned before each match begins). In each game, the cop must try to catch the robber before the robber can reach the escape vehicle. Both characters will run along the path automatically, and users will need to tap at the right times to avoid obstacles and keep running. If players tap at the wrong times, their characters will slow down for a short time. Elsewhere, a currency system allows users to wager virtual cash on each multiplayer race. As users collect cash, they can spend it on new visual customization options for their characters. In addition to competing against other players, users can practice against the computer in training matches.

Bubble Ride Challenge (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless survival game from SnickerBop Games challenges players to help their characters survive as long as possible by tapping to jump between stationary and moving bubbles in the path. Gamers must help their characters avoid obstacles like spikes and lasers while playing. Users can collect currency as they play, which can be spent on new playable characters.

Logic Traces (Free on iOS, Android) – This level-based puzzle game from Kongregate and Ingames asks players to fill every square on each grid with lines by dragging their fingers to create lines connected to number tiles on the board. The number on a tile determines the number of squares players can fill with its connected line(s). Users are allowed to create more than one line connected to the same number. Logic Traces includes more than 400 levels to complete, which become more difficult over time. Players can use hints if they need help completing stages. Players begin with a few free hints, and they can purchase additional hints via in-app purchase. Users can also watch video ads to receive free hints.

In addition to these new releases, Hibernum released Saber’s Edge for free on iOS and Android. The game was previously released for free on Amazon Fire tablets.