Mighty Mill Games announces Tanuki Forest for iOS


New independent games studio Mighty Mill Games has announced its first project, Tanuki Forest, for iOS devices. The game follows a mysterious forest creature on a quest to save his fellow animals from the dark forces that have appeared in his world. The endless survival game plays in a similar fashion to Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride (among others), as gamers fly their character from left to right as far as they can before failing.

In each game, players tap on the screen to make the creature fly upwards, and release to allow him to fall back down. Currency called Kami is scattered throughout the forest, which can be collected to unlock items in the game’s store. Meanwhile, animals float in midair, and are added to the character’s tail when collected. These animals must be dropped off at arches that appear in each stage, before they’re truly safe.

Levels are filled with obstacles like brambles, evil plants and more, but players can collect power-ups, including other playable characters, which help them pass some of these obstacles. A marlin, for instance, switches the control layout, so players must tap to move their character down on the screen, rather than up.

Players can complete quests to earn bonus Kami, and can spend that currency on outfits for the player character, magnets for attracting Kami, shields and much more.

Mighty Mill Games was created by industry veterans Jake Gumbleton and James Trubridge, who each have a decade of experience in traditional game development. The pair has branched into mobile games, while still keeping a foot in the mainstream video game industry. In doing so, the team says it can bring its own ideas to life, which focus heavily on the art of games.

Tanuki Forest, for instance, offers 2D hand-painted artwork. “We wanted to make a game where the concept art is the game art,” said Gumbleton.

Tanuki Forest is set for release for free on iOS on March 6. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.