Microsoft Selfie Wants to Improve the Quality of Your Selfies on iOS

The app allows users to enhance their selfies with noise reduction, color themes and more.

Microsoft has released Microsoft Selfie on iOS. The photography app allows users to take selfies and edit them before sharing them with friends.

With the Microsoft Selfie app, users can take new selfies within the app using their front-facing camera, or import existing images from their camera roll. The app was designed to improve each image in a number of areas, including noise reduction and exposure.

Microsoft Selfie Screenshots

The app reportedly takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting and other variables into account to ‘intelligently’ enhance each image. These enhancements are combined with filters to form overall color themes which can be applied to the current photo. Once a color theme has been chosen, a slider can be used to customize the intensity of the enhancements.

As users are editing each image, they can tap and hold on a ‘Compare’ button to quickly view the original image, without the edits in place. Once users are satisfied with their selfie, they can save it to their camera roll for sharing later on.

The Microsoft Selfie app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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