Meetup Redesign Gets Thumbs Down

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Much like logos, changes to a brand’s website can elicit backlash from passionate users. Case in point – Meetup Everywhere Groups.

Meetup Everywhere’s new website now gives account owners the ability to organize “Worldwide Meetup Days” and there are photos for account owners and communities, among other updates.

“It is way easier to team up to plan Meetups suggested by the main organization or based on ideas of local members of the community,” Meetup VP of strategy Andres Glusman told Mashable about Meetup Everywhere.

“If this layout does not change I will cancel my subscription,” one user, Michael Bourque, told Meetup Groups.

A forum called “Please Keep Old Layout” has sprung up on Meetup where Michael Bourque has included a screenshot for Meetup in case they didn’t know how bad it looks.

More than 6,000 comments have also been posted elsewhere on the site. There are also Twitter hashtags on the topic: #newmeetup and #meetuporganizersunite. According to TechCrunch, there are no plans to go back to the original design. But, that doesn’t mean the redesign won’t get a redesign.

Update: Andres Glusman was in touch with us to clarify that the backlash has been directed at Meetup Groups. The Mashable article was talking specifically about Meetup Everywhere. Glusman told us in an e-mail that Meetup makes “updates all the time based on feedback and data.” The latest updates are posted here.