Media Ruins Sasha and Malia’s Christmas Surprise, Gives Best Buy, PetSmart Best Gift Ever

Naturally, President Obama’s every move is followed and scrutinized. So it’s no surprise that the media was on his tail yesterday as he did his Christmas shopping. However, they should’ve included a spoiler alert for Sasha and Malia, who had their gifts from dad broadcast across the afternoon news.

Yahoo News includes the rundown from a variety of different outlets, including the AP, which said the first daughters would be getting a Just Dance game and iTunes gift cards. While the surprise is ruined for the girls, Best Buy must’ve been over the moon that the President decided to purchase these gifts at one of their stores. The photo at left was posted to @KellyGroehler. Groehler is one of Best Buy’s corporate PR pros. [Full disclosure: I worked with Best Buy during my months as a publicist.]

PetSmart hit the presidential jackpot too. That’s where the President got Bo a bone. Total aside, how cute is that dog?!

In case you’re interested, CBS has a 7 1/2 minute (!) video of the President shopping, including close ups of his wallet. See what it’s like to buy Christmas gifts without waiting in line!